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About Ralph Miller Productions. 

Ralph I. Miller, Creative Executive Producer at Ralph Miller Productions (RMP), has produced and managed large-scale design development for iconic visitor attractions around the world for more than 30 years. Projects have included major installations at Olympics, World’s Fairs, Expos, Theme Parks, and Location-Based Entertainment attractions for such companies as Walt Disney Imagineering, the Coca-Cola Company and Nintendo of America. Project scopes have included design and execution of numerous immersive technology applications. As a member of the award-winning Nintendo of America design team for decades, Ralph has had a hand in the design, production, and realization of feature installations at the Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3), Consumer Electronics (CES) and other leading industry shows. RMP has produced their most challenging and innovative installations as early adopters of advanced media, display and sensor technologies.


Among other accomplishments, Ralph was Senior Show Consultant to Disneyland International on the design, development, construction, and installation of thematic attractions at Shanghai Disneyland from 2008-2016, engaged from Blue-Sky Design through Grand Opening. Most recently, as Senior Creative Producer for Walt Disney Imagineering, he was a member of the team leading the development of Frozen Land, with teams in Glendale, CA and Hong Kong, SAR. For Shanghai Expo 2010, Ralph was a design consultant to the USA, GM and Coca-Cola Pavilions, and Executive Producer and Pavilion Director for the Colombia National Pavilion. As Executive Producer for the Sustainable Food Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, he guided facility design and program development.


Ralph served as Technical Director for Media Systems and Creative Producer of Inaugural Exhibits for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, working with Colossal Pictures in San Francisco. Client references upon request.

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